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Oh, It Is But A Dream

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  • Oh, It Is But A Dream

    Twas a time, I’m sure you know,
    When leaves were left to spin,
    When days were warm and hearts were sworn
    To love and care for kin.

    Twas a beauty, oh so clear,
    A trickling in the stream,
    When love was kind and day was mine,
    Oh, it is but a dream.

    Shan’t we weep o’er what’s not sweet
    Or shall we wait and see
    What life we find in mind with time,
    An empty canopy?

    Ne’er I say to wait for day
    Let hist’ry thread its seam,
    Instead move forth till life find perch.
    Oh, it is but a dream.

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    Liked the refrain; although a bit trite to my ear, it did do something for me, the tone of the ending did feel "concluded" ... and this was a well rounded poem, I much enjoyed the rhythm Darthvader! Thankya for sharing.


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      Nicely written in an old fashioned, classic style! Well done Darthvader !


      • Darthvader
        Darthvader commented
        Editing a comment
        Thank you so much, Rhymeboy!!

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      Lovely Darth. I really enjoyed it.


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        Classic DV - bring current-day questions to us in flowing yesteryear rhyme.


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          Thank you, AlexandratheLate and RhymeLovingWriter for reading and commenting. You are kind to think so