Amour Fou
The first,
second a
and third page
main theme
the struggle between life and death;
life or death, dead or alive,
start to love and live or hate and die

Only question of important,
If one will live, propely,
he and she need a great anthem
and a mission indeend,
love would be a ingreidience, indeed

like something invictiblues that plays gods and monsters,
like a desert to die of thirst
and oceans to make life of the foregone
a gape that meant more love, platonic love
more than erotic phantasm

For many years I played for fun.
All the time. Everyday.
for what reason, wherefore,
"do you seek in such morbid and scary zones
probably in front of me express it melodramanic,
project depressing parables
and hints clichées as wise like a mistaken psuedo psycologa
Only for dissapear,
in a room with a very strong wall,
and in front of the mirror Thinking In Silence
in tandem with a great deal of water waste behind the drape
in truth,
in quiet,
in your own so hurtely like your heart breakes and your lungs collapse

Can`t remember, sorry
Can`t remebember any story on these miserables
no never tresspass, étape the first, second or third page
-I`m not sorry for that
I always wake and are a middle point in a circle.
I always want to be a shinny star
don`t you?
the first day of my life, it was some time ago.
I was born to they and win and lose
I think so,
I can`t remember when I start to live again
Yesterday i proclaim I can see sky from here too,
and the day they before that I could not understand
"From here too"

I still play my game
my games, no more,
no not in a astuere manner
but more grave
with serious visions
and only, no one, winner
get to know
and you will like me
and love me
with many enthralling issues

But, you,
you be care
you be warned
not to close like monogami
watch out
for the red demon
for a red demon
Yes, I need my freedom
if you try in wawes, to trust and do statues of my emotions
if you trust The Thinking Loud as a epigraph
in nights
The nights
-you will be sad
and if you get to know me with questions just to make tattoos under your skin of the answers,
and try to figure out, find truths in my papers
just to do write in stones of my drunken slumber
and fight for your right in guerilla attack`s
and force me to battle and
even blaim me, compromise me, alone, for the impact of circumstance`s consequense`s
of a froozen passion
- you will be sick of that
claim love is blind
get mad,
lost and astray
from illusions from far away delutions
the truly source is philosofy, art and litterature
-and difficults to deal with the real
when the core is a defect to coexistence
in the world of a typical sorts of writin and a freethinking, freespoken
and candid person.

After you try to much, ohh
if Kill Your Darlings is true - Kill me with kindness is also true
try to open up new ways
try to change me for your own sake to open new gates
ask, probably, from empirean experience, to much,
and the air - for you may be, if you not can handle the momentery- truth- will be a negative flood of cornucopia -after we travelled the world with storm and heat
you will hurt your mind
when you ask "What to think of italianas
and you will get a answer like the man under the polypgrah
that risk the guillotine
-Ioro sono meravigliare la bella-
glazes, vision will be beside- you-
for a moment some where else
in the empty space only
I -my-
to became real to the spiritual truth
for the truthfully
Subconsciously, you get in some trials
to pass it
It will be heavy,
more tension that some human can stan
and all the admiration I will push away,
when I see, when I really see you love me
(I think I heard something about hell before heaven, didn`t you)

After you have gave it all, I will have more
When you sleep, I will wake you up,
ask you up, be wake
in night,
The night
only fond and in need, desperately in love and haappy
I want to play
- today- not tomorrow
I want, you, in the real I just want you
in that way,
to hold me close, tecnically
to be true all in- on a colur red, and a bed with bargains every night
Yeah I`mclaro
Q si, total yeupp differently,
but I will never change, no no
yee yee only a new e` edi^ition

Five fingers on the book that matter me most
I will immolate everything to open and set your wings
on arrival
And I know your wings they they will float freely
design in black and with, blended in a fresh and novel noir
throw the key
new travel,
you could not be in same place -du e vol te-
vivid, angelic,
for the art sakes,
the photo
the music
the writing
and then
go go
We paint new flowers on the drapery
new lanes on the small floor,
better more, out an wide reached letters
and excively; love, nice, gently,
love pure and genuine
and many, there will be a alot of tiny clouds in play above us