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When Kissing (at twilight)

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  • When Kissing (at twilight)

    Let your heart fall
    and open a space in her name.

    Do not think about afterwards.

    Feel fragrant fields
    of hungry little flowers inside
    but do not feed them,
    forsake satiety temporarily.

    Listen as sunbeams
    drop anchor in the slow
    ebb between your silhouettes
    then feel moonlight.

    Be careful not to let the night rush out.
    Last edited by lunar glide; 07-10-2018, 03:32 PM.

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    Sweet. Reminds me of the genie in the bottle, really, due to that last line. I'm mulling over whether that's an appropriate "fit". Nicely done, succinct powerful. Casual with the striking beauty of its 'penultimate culmination' of that last stanza. Coool.


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      Haha thats a good one! Thank you


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        lunar glide, This is fabulous! Your precise imagery is exquisite and detailed. I must respond with my own Twilight poem from long ago. I think our poems are related!


        When I remember
        The aurora borealis in your kiss
        Momentarily lighting up my skin’s horizon

        I wish to go and hide
        Behind your eyes two dark touchstones that
        Glitter and widen like the encroachment of night
        Putting out its branches

        I want to find the small star mistaken for an insect
        That shimmers under the catalpa leaf

        I want you to tell me it is ok to drift off
        To be alive and then to disappear


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          Yes! We must have been visited by the same little poem cloud. The ending you wrote is how i intended to end mine! Thank you!


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            Between the two, twilight's allure.
            What vision you conjure
            of Crepuscular 'Nostagie,'
            The Remains of the Day.


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              Thank you Johntee! I appreciate the read and comment 😁


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                I love the sense of anticipation you build with this LG. It opens to sweet release.


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                  Thanks RLW! Im happy for your visit and comment..


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                    Are such gently refined perceptions possible? They seem so close and familiar in these perfect lines, yet so achingly remote, also. This poem's world is where I would like to live, but I have no idea how to get there. Artistry of the highest order; hat's off, lunar glide.


                    • lunar glide
                      lunar glide commented
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                      Thank you Grant! Seeing your comment is a wonderful surprise!!!

                    • grant hayes
                      grant hayes commented
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                      It's good to read your work again.

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                    Truly living in the moment and enjoying every nuance. I could feel this to the core. Beautiful LG.


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                      Thank you ATL! Im glad that you read it.