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  • Treetop Despot

    Bloodcurdling yell atop the tree

    Howler Monkey's territory

    Trunk, branches and leaves this tree he owns

    Solitary monkey alone

    Everyone who heard his loud shout

    Kept away from the primate lout

    All the jungle did shake with fear

    Too afraid they would not go near.

    Young monkey leapt to neighbour trunk

    And said hi to the noisy punk

    Just want to check you are okay?

    You howl all night and howl all day

    When asked the howler was so clear

    Wanted to cross but full of fear

    Could not reach to grab the next tree

    Scared to jump he was stuck you see.

    So the others made monkey chain

    Reached for his paw good grip attain

    Helped along he crossed with a swing

    Treetop despots harsh reign ending

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    Against all-comers, to defend his clan,
    the Howler is stentorian.
    If he should fail when another clan calls
    then blood must answer before night falls.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      thank you John I always like your contributions

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    Nice piece! What made you write about a Howler monkey? Were you watching Animal Planet or something? Lol!


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      In truth I was going to write a humourous poem for a competitionThe poem was called Teapot Despot about a persons life being ruled by tea breaks. I was reading something about Howler monkeys not liking to jump gaps and the whole thing just came together