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  • What is Still Growing

    all of these people
    water flooding in...
    insurance for
    the car they ticketed;
    Cupid playing with
    string, stringing the bow.
    Smiling in a journey
    the wind picks up--
    soft sighs breathe in
    the world of hushedness.
    The lights in the sky
    are quiet for now, and I
    can hear the little things
    happening around me,
    like magic happens
    two wires connecting. I feel
    the cross was a small place,
    and the ocean's so large.
    I can play peek-a-boo
    with the hiding moon, and stay
    awake until the night gives,
    and things crawl,
    and things sing again,
    as the hush is ended, as
    feeling lights up again with
    the face of the sun's kiss.
    it shows you what it is,
    everything,-- what is lacking,
    what might be, what isn't.
    it's history, and outside me;
    it's triangulation of sapience,
    it's the bent knee
    with flowers growing from rock.
    it's the offering,
    the size of my thoughts
    contained within this box.
    what shall I do but give it ears,
    and the thing we thought
    wasn't listening, now can talk.

    and that is
    of what my day consists.

    what still grows
    within the garden.

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    This is really beautiful. That phrase, 'triangulation of sapience', is a stunner.


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      " A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot! " Thomas Edward Brown
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