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My Life As A Squirrel

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  • My Life As A Squirrel

    A whimsical story-poem! I hope you enjoy! Lol!


    Well ---- I swallowed an acorn
    the other day
    It made me feel
    some kinda way
    But not perhaps
    the way you think
    but shortly thereafter
    I began to shrink

    My yells for help
    were to no avail
    Soon --- I had big front teeth
    And a bushy tail

    And instead of nails
    I had sharp claws
    Instead of hands and feet
    I had four paws

    My tail would often
    twitch and curl
    And that is how
    I became a squirrel

    My very own house
    seemed strange to me
    And it was no place
    for a squirrel to be

    My mother could easily
    kill a young squirrel
    She got bit by one
    when she was a young girl

    And there ---- was nothing
    that she hated more
    than the squirrel that lived
    in the oak tree next door

    He would steal from her garden
    each and every day
    And take her carrots, nuts,
    and fruits away

    "I'm gonna catch that squirrel!"
    she'd always say
    And I always thought
    that she would some day

    A squiirrel in the house!
    Now --- that would mean war!
    And if Mother ever saw me
    she would kill me for sure!

    And ---- I certainly wasn't going
    to be hanging around
    I was enjoying life!
    A life above ground!

    So I jumped out a window
    and climbed a tree
    before my mother
    spotted me

    I experienced a world
    I'd never seen before
    I wandered around
    I had to explore

    I climbed the tallest trees
    for what seemed ---- like hours
    It was like I had strange
    new superpowers

    I could hear a mouse
    from far away
    I could hear every word
    my neighbors say

    And if danger was near
    I could always tell
    Squirrels have an excellent
    sense of smell

    I could smell someone
    from far away
    I could name every scent
    in one bouquet

    I could leap and jump
    And climb and run
    Being a squirrel
    was kinda fun

    I saw a squirrel ----- in mother's garden
    The one who came there ------ each day
    I wanted to warn him
    to stay far away

    I ran toward the squirrel
    I had so much to say
    But when I came near it
    the squirrel ran away

    Mother's garden seemed large
    What a wonderous place!
    And there were juicy strawberries
    that were right in your face

    Suddenly ---- I felt a sharp pain
    And I heard a loud 'snap'
    And before I realized it
    I was caught in a trap

    My front paw was caught
    And I tried ---- to get loose
    I struggled and struggled
    but it was ---- no use

    Suddenly ---- my mother showed up
    And she was smiling with glee
    And she was pointing her finger
    directly at me

    I yelled, "Mother it's me!
    I'm your son, Blake!"
    But she heard only the sounds
    that squirrels always make

    "I got you now sucka!"
    is what my Momma said.
    And she had a large mallet
    And it came down on my head.

    As I lay dying,
    my mother called out my name
    She called me ---- and called me
    but of course ---- nobody came

    She wanted ---- to show me
    the new trap ---- she had bought
    And show off --- the poor squirrel
    that she had just killed ----- and caught

    My mother wanted ---- to show me
    what she had done
    But she had no idea
    that she had just ---- killed her son

    But I also learned something
    I learned about Fate
    Which can be determined
    by something you ate

    My fate was determined
    early one morn'
    when I decided to swallow
    that stupid acorn!

    My story reminds us
    we live in a cruel world
    And that is my life
    as a common grey squirrel
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    I shall beware of acorns. Really enjoyed the story telling


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      Thank you Parkinsonspoet


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        Oh dear. I started reading, thinking 'this would make a great children's fun'. Until I got to the part where your mother whacked you and you paid the ultimate price for eating that acorn!

        Still, you definitely have a knack for story telling!


        • Rhymeboy
          Rhymeboy commented
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          Lol! You're so right! I thought the same exact thing! Lol! Thanks for reading . . . and commenting on such a long poem!

        • Parkinsonspoet
          Parkinsonspoet commented
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          It didn't feel long

        • Rhymeboy
          Rhymeboy commented
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          Thanks Parkinsonpoet! if it didn't feel long that means I'm getting better at writing long poems! Lol!