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I Wish It Rained

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  • I Wish It Rained

    Summer days, the curse of nature
    The rays beaming down, through the trees
    The sun makes them believe in what seems false
    Clear psychological disease

    I wish it rained
    I wish for the storm to come
    To wash all these ants away
    To perhaps shatter the sun

    The first light attracts hungry minds
    Sending its signal into their brains
    Make them run around with little purpose
    And jubilation to feign

    Clear skies may be nice but not if
    Its silence is torn by the countless cries
    Of those under the sun's vicious control
    Whilst trying to hold on to dear life

    Torrential downpour, seems overdue
    To put an end to this misery
    Some may grow so dependent
    On heat-induced insanity

    Our elders suffer every day, and all life
    These spells can't go on forever
    If the skies can one day swallow it whole
    And let it down in return
    It will be a grand summer, to remember

    A response to the current weather conditions here in the UK... and about my disgust for the summer itself.

    Note that I wrote this about last year.

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    This year my garden would agree with you
    when the hosepipe ban came on.
    Last year it sang a different tune,
    rain near whole summer long.


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      It's true, isn't it, how dependent our moods can be on the climate around us - particularly when there is too much of a particular element?