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The Fiend Who Snored

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  • The Fiend Who Snored

    Not once but twice I woke that night
    To flood my small room with lamplight
    In search of the being whose snores-
    A medley of whistles and roars-
    Has sent dear Sleep scuttling away
    By splitting my ears where I lay
    Alone. Alone? Indeed, alone
    I found I was, when with a groan
    I rose and gazed wildly around
    The lit room and what's more, no sound
    Reached my ears now; The air was still.
    The first time, I stared blankly till
    Dear Sleep returned to clear the haze.
    The next time, I woke in a daze
    And the thought I had gone insane
    Plagued me till Sleep saved me again.
    Alas, it proved to be in vain,
    Or so it seemed, when once again
    I sat upright. But wait! The roar
    Remained this time. Yes, and what's more,
    To my surprise, against my will,
    I soared upward. Up, up until
    Near the top, I was turned around
    To face the fiend, who from the sound
    Of the snores lay where I had lain
    Before my climb. I stared in vain
    Through the darkness until I found,
    To my delight, toward the ground
    I sank. The fiend, within my grasp,
    Would soon be! Harsh rasp after rasp
    Battered my ears whilst my strained eyes
    Through the gloom sought to visualize
    The strange source. In a trice, my wish
    Was granted when, with a loud swish,
    The darkness turned a dazzling white;
    The fiend had flicked on the lamplight!
    Mid-air, I was frozen in place
    And in that moment glimpsed his face.
    But in the next, I ceased to be
    For I found that the fiend was me!

    The first two times, the ghastly croak
    Has chased dear Sleep away.
    The third time, in a dream I woke
    To hear it where I lay.

    (This is a true tale of how I discovered I snore when I sleep)

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    *Applaud* Bravo! Haha, I do LOVE this! I love poems with a humorous side to them!


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      Sleep Apnoea.
      While you hear
      your snore,
      you're safe
      this side
      of Heaven's shore.

      Your write is worthy
      of Edgar Alan Poe.
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        Wonderful work Raoul D'Harmental !


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          Now it seems
          the curse
          gets worse.
          Via MRI machines
          the Japanese find snores
          link to amyloid-beta plaques
          the stuff of alzheimer's disease