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Hard Times (from Tanner's comment to S.G.)

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  • Hard Times (from Tanner's comment to S.G.)

    Hard Times (From Tanner's comment to S.G.)

    That life for which

    you schooled concern

    was only lent

    to be returned

    when you in turn

    had passed it on.

    Only one life since life began,

    mutating through N million forms,

    rotating through N Billion hands,

    borne in you, now your son's bone.

    The acid test for DNA?

    To stay ahead of Entropy.
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    Johntee, the last 2 lines are JUST BRILLIANT!


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      Thanks Tanner, I thought they might
      appeal to the science in you.

      Whenever you expand
      your life story it turns out to be more.
      More what? More than I could have imagined.

      You have lived so variously,
      the pinball in life's slot machine,
      memory employed in poetry,
      pleasure set against suffering,
      Pachinko we play vicariously.
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        I love the line, "You have lived so variously" - so right, so true, and also, "pleasure set against suffering" - concise and brilliant as well.
        Your responses to all show a most perceptive and powerful intelligence at work.


        • Johntee
          Johntee commented
          Editing a comment
          Sometimes the instant response
          turns out better than I might expect.