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  • Sex in Seconds Flat

    As I watch “Early” TV,
    mix of Products what I see.
    K-Y advertises That,
    can have Sex in Seconds Flat

    Guess there’s Reason for the Rush,
    demanding Lives seem to Crush.
    As I sit Here at my Age,
    “Seconds” reach another Stage.

    Like when Joints start to Lock,
    Cable News I want to Block.
    Reading Eyes that Start to Squint,
    as when Viewing any Print.

    “Quick” is Something I don’t Do,
    Fact of Life – Sad but True.
    Goop or Not when In my Prime,
    tried to Last longer Every Time.
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    Love it!


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      Thank you - this is a topic one never knows how it will be received. Saw the ad - rhyme came to mind - so I went with it.


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          You quickly brought a smile to me Bob