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  • Wolves

    Mad hungry beasts of no purpose
    What were we to live for?
    Befriend or go for the hunt
    It's the flesh we crave for

    Depend on those greater than us
    'Cause we have no minds of our own
    A companionship could cost a life
    When a much darker side shows

    Sometimes we may pass of as human
    But something else, will stir up tonight
    We'll cause a riot, but we're only out to play
    Already, we are become their fear and plight

    Untamed, and unloved
    We're all goddamn insane
    Rabid beasts of no faith, no feeling
    Held down by our god's heavy chains

    Running free, running wild
    Beast inside, we can't deny
    Chasing down, their bodies to the ground
    We can't help being this way
    We regret feeling alive
    Criminals to be euthanised