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Someday When I am Gone

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  • Someday When I am Gone

    Someday when I am gone
    and death pulls us apart
    Though time breaks every bond
    Still I'll live within your heart

    Someday when I am gone
    I hope you find such grace
    That carries you beyond
    Any sorrow that you face

    Someday when I am gone
    Though tears may cloud your eyes
    I wish for you the dawn
    When you'll see the sun arise

    Someday when I am gone
    My joy may ever be
    In knowing yours lives on
    Even still when without me
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    Well this beautifully comforting piece hits me right where I'm living these days BiocideJ. Having lost both Mom & Dad in the last 7 months, there have been a few difficult moments. The blessing in all of this, as you've so wonderfully portrayed in this piece, is that someone remembered in the lives of those they loved is never really gone. Thank you for this beauty. It helps me to smile.


    • BiocideJ
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      Thank you. I'm glad it helps you smile. I am about the same age as my father was when he died (still quite young). And what legacy I've left for my kids has been on my mind a lot. The thought that I'd want them to know it is OK to still be happy was the thing that inspired this.

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    Beautifully executed piece! Bravo! The rhyme scheme is well constructed and well thought out! Bravo! That piece could easily go on a Hallmark sympathy card or a funeral program. Again well done!