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  • Just A simple Cow


    I'm just
    a simple cow
    I live in the
    'Here and Now'

    I eat flowers,
    green grass, and hay
    That's how
    I spend my day

    I don't worry about the Future
    Nor do I think about the Past
    And I don't really ----- care to know
    how long ----- my life will last

    I'm just
    a simple cow
    but I'll make it through

    My tail will happily ---- swing and sway
    as I go about my day
    wandering about the pasture
    to pass the time away

    I will be happy
    and calm Today
    because I don't remember

    I'm just
    a simple cow
    I'm Alive
    At least, for now

    Soon they'll ship
    me off to slaughter
    I'll have to leave
    my son and daughter

    But my heart
    is not filled with sorrow
    'Cause I don't think
    about Tomorrow

    I don't think about
    Death and Dying
    so you'll never
    see me crying

    Luckily God
    has made me dumb
    And so ------ to the pains of Life
    I'm numb

    Why should a cow suffer?
    Why should a cow think?
    Most cows just poop,
    eat, sleep and drink

    I'm just
    a simple cow
    And I'm still Alive

    I wander around the pasture
    as the days and hours pass
    'cause I'm just a simple cow
    here munchin' on the grass
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    If a cow could compose a poem - and be buried - this would be her epitaph. I'll soon be back on the farm full time Rhymeboy and from what I've observed - you nailed it!

    Do you live in the country or have you gone on a field trip to the pastures lately? Because this speaks of personal observation.


    • Rhymeboy
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      I'm from New York originally ,. . . a dairy state . . . now I live in Cali! They have cows everywhere here! Lol! Thanks for reading and commenting on my poem

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    Rhymeboy, Just Brilliant! A Fabulous Write.


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank You, Tanner! That's a real compliment coming from a awesome poet like you!