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The Immortal Hellen O'Grady

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  • The Immortal Hellen O'Grady

    Another one of my story-poems! This one's quite good. I think. Lol:


    I know a strange woman
    named Hellen O'Grady
    She looks like a young girl
    but she's a very old lady

    In Shakespearean times
    Hellen performed on the stage
    And for some strange reason
    she just didn't age

    I saw Hellen's picture
    in a century old book
    She still has the same face
    She still has the same look

    And when Marie Antoinette
    was beheaded in France
    Hellen just happened
    to be there by chance

    How she can still be alive
    I really don't know
    But something strange happened
    a long time ago

    You'll see Hellen in paintings
    And many ---- an old history book
    You'll see Hellen everywhere
    you just have to look

    I saw Hellen in a painting
    of a royal court scene
    And Hellen was standing
    right next to the Queen!

    The wooden frame of the painting
    is covered with gold
    And the age of the painting
    is 400 years old!

    The painting is priceless
    and it hangs in the L'Ouvre
    And Hellen is so haunting
    that her eyes seem to move

    She's in a number of paintings
    And I wish you could see 'em
    But you'll have to make a trip
    to a famous museum!

    Five centuries ago
    Hellen was there on the scene
    But somehow she's able
    to still look sixteen

    Exactly ---- how old Hellen is
    Nobody knows
    But an old tree she planted
    still lives and grows

    And if you travel to Africa
    you can still see
    a very tall ---- very wide
    Baobab tree

    Now, that ancient tree
    is about three thousand years
    And to Hellen ---- ancient artifacts
    are just souvenirs

    Hellen had a long
    and incredible life
    She was a mother ----- a daughter
    a sister --------- a wife

    She had many children and husbands
    down throught the years
    And if you ask her about them
    Well ---- don't expect tears

    She says, "There is no reason
    for me to break down and cry.
    And if you live long enough
    all your loved ones will die."

    She outlived all of her children
    And all of her husbands have died
    So she must feel real sad
    and lonely inside

    Hellen traveled to London
    to visit the Queen
    But this happened back
    in 1518!

    Now, the Queen at the time
    was just a king's wife
    A rich young woman
    who lived a leisurely life

    Hellen stayed in England
    And in 1558
    there was a new Queen
    One all the Protestants hate

    This new Queen of England
    would rule all alone
    And she was the only one
    who sat on the throne

    At the time it was
    a very new thing
    to have a queen who would rule
    instead of a king

    Well ---- visiting this new Queen
    must have been scary
    Because the Queen had a nickname
    which was 'Bloody Mary'!

    And if you believe everything
    my friend Hellen had said
    it was nothing for this Queen
    to simply chop off your head!

    Hellen left England
    and she traveled to France
    where she studied French culture
    and learned how to dance

    Hellen left France
    and she traveled to Spain
    where she married a man
    but the man was insane

    The man was not only crazy
    he was extremely jealous
    And when it came to religion
    he was extremely zealous!

    Hellen traveled to Russia
    with a sack full of gold
    but she had to leave promptly
    because the place was too cold

    Hellen returned to England
    in a much later year
    to see plays being performed
    by William Shakespeare

    After Shakespeare and Hellen
    had formally met
    He cast her to play
    the very first Juliet

    Hellen crossed the Atlantic
    on a ship called 'The Fates'
    to what would become
    the United States

    Hellen stood near the Potomac
    and saw George Washington cross
    She sewed America's First Flag
    with Betsy Ross

    She was a spy for the Union
    during the Civil War
    And she started a charity
    to help feed the poor

    Hellen was there --- in Ford's Theater
    the night Lincoln was shot
    And she can tell you the details
    that history long since forgot

    But ol' Hellen life
    goes back thousands of years
    And some of the stories she tells
    will certainly bring you to tears

    She saw John the Baptist beheaded
    What a heartbreaking loss!
    She saw Our Lord Jesus
    when he carried His cross

    Hellen was there when He died
    And she was also there when
    Jesus opened His eyes
    and rose once again

    At first ---- I didn't believe Hellen
    At least ---- thats what I told her
    I didn't believe her
    until I got older

    You see, I've known Hellen
    since i was a 'chile'
    And now I'm eigty-eight
    so it's been quite a while

    I thought Hellen was sixteen
    when I met her that day
    Well, she still looks sixteen
    but now I'm old and gray

    I'm sure Hellen will be there
    when I'm placed in the ground
    And a thousand years later
    she'll still be around

    Well ----- I know a strange woman
    named Hellen O'Grady
    She looks like a young girl
    but she's a very old lady
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    Your assessment is spot on - what fun! All sorts of opportunity for illustrations with this one. You're on your way to an entire book here Rhymeboy !


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank You RhymeLovingWriter! I appreciate you for taking your time to read such a lengthy poem!

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    I really enjoyed this. I got a little distracted inthe middle, but it was a very interesting concept with some good lessons. I'll tell you what though. That Helen really knew how to be at the right place at the right time. Maybe she's just a time traveller.


    • Rhymeboy
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      Lol! That's funny, BiocideJ! Thank you for reading and commenting on my poem!