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    Alone, cold
    Saddened, hollow

    Betrayed, empty
    Detached, from reality

    So now I am trapped here
    Left to fight for myself
    For what has become of me now
    I hope you are proud of yourself

    I can't forgive you
    But I still remember you
    You brought me up since day one
    And now you've brought me down
    In where I can't stand up anymore
    And it's all thanks to you
    But I still love you...

    "What now", is all I can say
    To myself, as I proceed to decay away

    A bed and these walls is not enough
    For someone to have what they call a life
    Why should this ever be a thing
    When all it does is tear down the mind
    How can anyone here survive?

    I can't forgive you
    But I can still recall you
    You were there with me since the start
    And now there's a knife in my heart
    Only because you never understood
    But despite the hatred and tears between us
    I still love you, even though we are through

    Home is where the heart is
    Not in this situation
    It is now the end of the good times
    The end of all relations

    I guess this is the end now
    Just the greyness of this space
    And deep in my soul as well
    When I look to this one shadow of myself
    I'm now a broken child, without a face

    I guess this is what I call "home" now
    Nothing to see, nothing left of me now...

    This is a grim reference to a thing called a "home"... or otherwise just a bedsit where one would be taken there if their parents disown them or, social services no longer want to know you. I'm going to be very honest here... I nearly got into this situation in the past and thankfully, I'm still here in this loving home.

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    You've done a great job, Bry89, of capturing the conflicting feelings of despair, despite the love which the writer once knew. It is a sad and bleak picture.

    I think we all tend to idealize our parents at some points. They seem able to do anything. Until we've grown up and realize that they are only people, struggling like we are. Some don't have the support or resources to make it.

    Having watched both my Mom and Dad pass away in the past 7 months, I've been reflecting a lot. I know they weren't perfect, but mostly the good things they did and the good people that they were is what is shining in my memory. I'm glad because it encourages me to try to move on and be and do the same, even though I miss them.