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Imposed Morality Pt.2

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  • Imposed Morality Pt.2

    Did you plan this
    Or was it planted
    On top where you're standing
    We have no understanding

    You were unharmed
    And he was unarmed
    Hands up, don't shoot
    Put down your firearm

    Is this an economy
    Or you're just conning me
    You've took my hard earned money
    Why would I honour thee

    Is this an illusion
    Or is it delusion
    We've reach a conclusion
    There's too much confusion

    Is this imitation
    Or is it emulation
    It seems like manipulation
    Cut the bs, mutilation

    Are you empathetic
    Or just sympathetic
    The problem is systematic
    This path we're on is pathetic

    Are you an ordained prophet
    Or trying to sustain profits
    You're robbing God, stop it
    What's the meaning of nonprofit
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