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"I do, I do not,,

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  • Hurting
    Dedicated to, and inspired by a wonderful rhyme loving writer.

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  • Hurting
    started a topic "I do, I do not,,

    "I do, I do not,,

    I do, I do not,

    I do believe, human endeavor is cruelly surreal,
    I do not believe mortal wounds ever heal,

    I do believe in the anguish of tears,
    I do not believe in miracle cures,

    I do believe, humanity's end is presupposed,
    I do not believe science will solve our woes,

    I do believe, the world is filled with sorrows,
    I do not believe, our species has many tomorrows,

    I do believe, greed is what its all about,
    I do not believe, we will find the way out,

    I do believe, too much tragedy I've seen,
    I do not believe, any longer in dreams,

    I do believe, I saw her make peace with death,
    I still cannot believe I witnessed her last breath,

    I do believe, the joy in living feigns,
    I do not believe I shall ever love again,