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Rock Stew: The Story Of Jacob Scott

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  • Rock Stew: The Story Of Jacob Scott


    Let me tell you the story
    of Jacob Scott
    He was an old Black man
    who walked a lot

    He walked from place to place
    And from spot to spot
    Carrying an empty
    cooking pot

    The pot looked like a cauldron
    a type of old fahioned kettle
    The pot was small and black
    and was made of metal

    The pot had two handles
    And there was one on the lid
    It looked much the same
    as other pots did

    Now many people were starving
    throughout the land
    Because there was nothing to eat
    Only rocks and sand

    And also the water
    was not safe to drink
    It could be red or brown
    or even pink!

    Jacob walked to a village
    called Falling Stone
    where all of the people
    were skin and bone

    The people were awfully
    thin and frail
    And their faces were frightfully
    grim and pale

    The people were thirsty
    and their mouths were all dry
    And no tears would come out
    when the little children would cry

    Some children were so weak
    they just laid on their side
    And so many other people
    had already died

    Jacob set his black pot
    upon the ground
    And watched the people
    gather around

    He said --- "Hello my name
    is Jacob Scott
    And I've been sent by God
    down to this spot

    And this is the reason
    why I came:
    I came to feed the Hungry
    Repair the Lame
    And heal the Sick
    in Jesus name

    God is going to perpare
    you a wonderful stew
    So, please do everything
    I ask of you

    Jacob picked up some pebbles,
    some larger rocks ---- and some sand
    And placed all of these things
    in the palm of his hand

    He said, "Please gather some pebbles
    as small as these
    for they will become beans,
    corn, rice, and peas

    Then gather some sand
    I'll need just a scoop
    It will become liquid
    like a thick rich soup

    These larger stones
    will make the stew complete
    They become potatoes and carrots,
    and chunks of meat."

    Most of the people
    did as they were told
    And he spoke to the young
    as well as the old

    Now some people complained
    But just a few
    Saying, "How can sand and rocks
    become a stew?"

    Jacob just smiled
    because he was thrilled
    And in no time at all
    his pot was filled

    Jacob stirred the pot
    and closed the lid
    And that is all
    that Jacob did

    Jacob looked toward Heaven
    then bowed his head
    And from his lips
    these words were said:

    "Oh Lord Jesus
    Please hear my cry
    Please give us food
    Or else we die."

    The children's faces
    began to gleam
    when from the pot
    came bursts of steam

    The people stood
    in disbelief
    when from the pot
    came smells of beef

    Jacob lifted the lid
    because he knew
    the small black pot
    was filled with stew!

    He said, "There is no food
    in all the land
    so God made stew
    from rocks and sand!

    THe stew will heal you
    and make you whole
    So everyone here,
    please grab a bowl!"

    The stew in the pot
    smelled divine
    Each person grabbed a bowl
    and got in line

    A man saw the small pot
    and shook his head
    And this is what
    that old man said:
    "The pot of stew
    is much too small
    There won't be enough
    to feed us all!"

    Jacob just laughed
    and smiled a lot
    He filled every bowl
    from that small pot

    Each bowl was filled
    up to the brim
    So Jacob made
    a fool of him

    The man apologized
    to Jacob Scott
    because there was plenty of stew
    left in the pot

    When the people ate the stew
    they were made well and whole
    But they could only eat
    just half a bowl!

    There was a man
    who had lost a leg
    And for many years
    he had to beg.

    The man ate the stew
    And what do you know?
    A brand new leg
    began to grow!

    The deaf and the mute
    began to hear and talk
    And all of the lame
    began to walk

    The stew cured a woman
    who was sick in the mind
    And the stew gave sight
    to all of the blind

    There was a girl
    named Sally Sue
    who died before
    God made the stew

    She died before
    the stew was made
    And in her bed
    her body laid

    Her body lied there
    stiff and cold
    And she was only
    twelve years old

    Jacob took a bowl
    And the girl was fed
    Even though ______
    the girl was dead!

    The moment the girl
    was fed the stew
    she opened her eyes
    and began to chew!

    With her life
    and health restored
    the girl got up
    and praised the Lord

    The girl ran out
    with shouts of glee
    She ran about
    so all could see

    Now, the father of
    the girl who died
    wiped his tears
    and ran outside

    He said, "That is some
    miraculous stew!
    There is nothing
    that God can't do!"

    It didn't matter if one
    looked here or there!
    Miracles were happening

    No one there
    looked gaunt or pale
    And no one was frightfully
    thin or frail

    Everyone had
    two legs to walk
    And eveyone there
    could hear and talk

    No one was sick
    inside their mind
    And everyone could see
    No one was blind

    Everyone there
    was healed and fed
    And after that
    Ol' Jacob said:

    "You won't have to eat or drink
    for one whole year
    And after that
    the rains appear

    God will send the rains
    to heal the land
    And green grass will grow
    upon the sand

    The hills will have cattle,
    goats and sheep
    And the rivers and lakes
    will all run deep

    All of the pollution
    will disappear
    And all of the water
    will be crystal clear

    Now God is whispering
    in my ear
    I have a new assignment!
    One far from here

    There are many other
    folks in need
    And other hungry
    mouths to feed

    I've listened to
    the Good Lord talk
    He says, it's much to far
    for me to walk

    But I don't have to worry
    or dispair
    Because He said --- He's gonna
    take me there

    Okay folks!
    Now, I must go!"
    Suddenly, the wind
    began to blow

    A gust of wind
    came rushing by
    And carried Jacob
    up toward the sky

    The people began
    to weep and cry
    as Jacob simply
    waved goodbye

    He said, "Don't be sad.
    And be of good cheer
    I will return
    this time next year."

    The pot turned orange
    and began to rust
    And soon became
    a pile of dust

    The people hoped
    the pot would stay
    But with the wind
    it blew away

    Jacob almost
    seemed to fly
    He looked like an eagle
    in the sky

    The wind carried Jacob
    far away
    High above a town
    called Half Moon Bay

    The town was called
    Half Moon Bay
    because it near a body of water
    that was shaped that way

    And like the people
    of Falling Stone
    the people there
    were skin and bone

    God brought Jacob
    safely down
    upon a high hill
    not far from town

    Jacob knelt
    And with his hand
    he scooped up a bit
    of dust and sand

    Jacob Scott
    began to smile
    as he heaped the sand
    into a pile

    He prayed, "O Lord Jesus
    In thee I trust
    Please make a pot
    from sand and dust

    God heard Jacob's
    humble cry
    And a beam of light
    came from the sky

    The light shined on
    the sand and dust
    It soon became
    a pile of rust

    The rust turned black
    right on the spot
    and formed itself
    into a pot

    The pot looked like a cauldron
    a type of old fahioned kettle
    The pot was smalll and black
    and was made of metal

    The pot had two handles
    And there was one on the lid
    It looked exactly the same
    as the first pot did

    And from the highest hills,
    Jacob walked down
    and greeted the people
    who lived in town

    And that is the story
    of Jacob Scott
    An old Black man
    who walked a lot

    He walked from place to place
    And from spot to spot
    Carrying an empty
    cooking pot.
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    A lovely tale of hope and wonder.


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you! I was going to publish this as a Christian Children's picture book!