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    "They" tell me, "My heart, will someday heal",
    "They" say, "Her death, Your life, Don't let it steal",

    "They" tell me, "My love's in a better place,
    "They", Never see the tears on my tortured face,

    "They" lament, "Her suffering is done",
    I tell "them", "My suffering's just begun",

    "They" say, "You'll see her again someday",
    "They" tell me, "Keep living, She'd want it that way",

    "They" say, "She's got the better deal",
    Then "They" tell me, "Only time will heal",

    Time is no miracle, No mending potion,
    Time is a battleground raked with revulsion!

    "They" mean well, Say all these things grand,
    But she's not here, holding my fuckin hand!

    Its all just unrelenting torment, a lingering replay,
    Someone please tell me, Just who the hell are "They"?

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      Ah yes...the ubiquitous "they". I've said much the same the past few days as I've sat by my father's side observing his seeming pain, despite our attempts at palliative care. Several people have uttered phrases nearly exactly as you've recounted.

      I can offer you this Hurting from my observations and feelings during this process...the hurting and healing are two sides of the same coin. The moments pass between tears for your loss and thanks for the blessing of having made memories with someone who gifted your life.

      People are only trying to help - or deal with their own unease in the face of someone else's sorrow - by sharing what they have experienced that worked for them or heard about worked for others.

      Try not to be too hard on yourself - or them - we are all just pilgrims passing through. And keep writing. It helps. Blessings prayed your way.


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        Thank you, but I do not believe a mortal wound will ever heal.


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          how deep is this poetry. let me tell you - not as deep as your love. all the way through I get the feelings people are trying to make you feel better with your loss and I feel you get so overwhelmed with this you start to question who are the people they are trying to be nice to you. this is what we do when we loose. we question EVERYTHING. such a interesting poem this is and I thank you for opening up about your loss as it will help lots of others reading this clever poetry.