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  • Reunion

    Archive of expired hope

    With glasses half full

    Relive life’s early glories

    Echoing a time

    We evoked the future

    Burnished and brazen

    Bravado in abundance

    We strode the study

    Of our schooldays

    With feigned surety

    Learning life’s lesson’s

    As though we had

    Patented wisdom

    Yet often perplexed

    As we foraged for fate

    Reunion of memories

    Shared immaturity

    Stories of smiles

    Myths of manhood

    Female fantasies

    A touch of relish

    Recalls youthful zest

    Bodies Progressed in time

    Hearts and minds

    Still exuberant

    Pride in our past

    Gift of our present

    Sentience gathered

    As we unwrap destiny

    With talents galore

    Passing the baton to

    Our children’s cohort

    Yet still running

    Our relay alongside

    Promoting their promise

    Schooldays long past

    But emerged from

    Their camaraderie

    The essence of

    Enduring entity

    Celebration of

    Our foundation

    Footsteps of youth

    Stride to adulthood

    Blessed by reunion

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    the risen
    by the fallen,
    the clockwork
    of run-down lives
    milestones for survivors,
    only when the finish looms near
    in the Selling Plate's final furlong
    are those early days held dear


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      I enjoyed this thank you

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    Beautifully reminisced Jon. I thoroughly enjoyed this. So many wonderful turns of phrase. I particularly liked "as though we had patented wisdom".


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Thank you it is part of my blog, which is my homework for a local creative writing group I am going to for the first time on Tuesday

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    I somehow have never seen it as beautifully as you have.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      thank you that is kind of you to say so