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Soldier Taint ( The Soldier Purgatory )

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  • Soldier Taint ( The Soldier Purgatory )

    We watch the parachute Angels fall
    Fossil demons in mud they crawl
    Devil carved against one's back
    Pierced smack crucifix in heart of flack
    Drawer the words of a perfect Saint
    Reflect a blind soilder taint
    Blooded fields in the help of need
    Wounded souls slowly bleed
    To stand like God with courage and pride
    To be killed with the fear one will hide.

    Quick Description.

    Straight into war field. A confused soilder soon learns you have to hide. Every feeling, everything around you. But at the same time. I tried to put that. Shell shock is slowly taking over.
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    I enjoyed this, and thought it provided some look into what I expect is your personality portrayed. So, it was personal for me because of that. You managed to gain my attention and interest with the "different" juxtapositions beginning the poem, made me curious / surpised me with imagery I could ponder.
    Makes sense, too, the end. And the dynamic tension between being yourself in a world, or cleaving to "hiding" and fear, which aren't normal "courageous" acts in war, but the message is there; sometimes we have to do things against our better judgment.

    I'm not sure what the "quick description" part is about. Title wraps it up well. You gave me some interesting views, and a certain outlook that I could somewhat appreciate.

    The end, shell shock taking over, makes me think there is more to the story. Makes me think of PTSD. Take care, be well!

    Thanks for sharing MPOETB!


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      Thank you. Your long feedback meant so much to me. 👍👍😊

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    I enjoyed the imagery here , fired the imagination without obscuring the message nicely done


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      Thank you my friend. 😊

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    Quick descrption. This is something I've done in some of my poems. Just to tell people the meaning behind them ( my point of view )