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Deal With The Devil

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  • Deal With The Devil

    He pulled me in
    I've dropped to his level
    I never thought
    I'd deal with the Devil

    When he came to me
    I was vulnerable and weak
    I fell for his tricks
    Trying to get his treats


    "Things are bad
    I can make them good"

    Now this is when bad
    Finally meets good


    "Follow me
    You have no other choice"

    "Yes you do"
    This was a Divine voice

    "You've let your faith go
    To get to this level
    Now go on your way
    And I'll deal with the Devil"
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    Love this. Good message and a good twist on the title there at the end. The only part that tripped me up a little was the "this was a Divine voice" line. I think it has too many syllables or perhaps just the meter is off. All in all, though, a great poem.


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      BiocideJ, cool review.... "all seeing eye" thanks and it was a word missing from this old newer poems are definitely full of rhyme, reason, and meaning.....thanks again