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The Fate of Fire

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  • The Fate of Fire

    Hello Zone. It's been a while since I've written.

    I am the fuel that stokes the flame
    a fire burning hot and bright
    With purpose I will make my name,
    and choose the path that I ignite

    My reach will touch all that I see
    so fierce the heat of fervent torch
    that borders melt away from me
    as bowing low, they peel and scorch

    How grandiose is my design
    Such intricately fashioned form
    Yet comes a day when I will find
    my rugged flame, so bright and warm

    will one day cease - utterly burnt -
    and find itself to ash returned.

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    Nice sonnet -- the rhyming made me remember I've not had rhymes as my strong suit so I was really inspired by this to work on that. I loved torched-scorched and the ending couplet, too!
    You kept the fire alive til the end.
    Thank you for sharing.


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      Nice to see your name in the queue again friend! This sonnet sizzles! Well done.


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        Without RLW's turn of phrase
        it seems my praise
        must remain oblique.
        Consumed to ash. Cathartique!
        You've written up a barbecue,
        what summer treat is next to do?