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  • "Ice"

    Ice is Water when It’s Frozen,
    many Uses it is Chosen.
    Put in Packs to Curb a Bruise,
    Dents in Carpets can Defuse.

    Does the Trick on Swollen Eyes,
    water Plants and That is Wise.
    Stops a Pimple in its Tracks,
    and Sooth muscles in our Backs.

    Use that’s Best is Up to You,
    No top Answer that is True,
    After My Internal Talks,
    "Anything" poured on the Rocks.

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    Where to begin?
    An iced dream
    tumblered Jim Beam,
    Clink it in.
    Chin Chin.
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      another good one, except I'm not sure how ice gets rid of pimples, or "defuses" dents. hope you're doing well


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        Nice poem. And as for defusing dents in carpet, that is definitely a thing. If youever move furniture on carpet, you know those matted areas. Put an ice cube on them and in a few hours they will rise back up. Weird, but it does work... not for me though because my dogs always eat the ice before itcan melt.


        • amenOra
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          Thanks BiocideJ, I knew there must have been more I don't know!

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        Thank you for the comments - yes, I know of what I Rhyme (sometimes).


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          Hey Friend please sub.and comment for this my ghazal chennel