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  • Censorship

    My words are held captive
    It's poetic malpractice
    Man these devils been active
    I'm exposing their tactics


    I'm speaking up
    And they're speaking down
    If Heaven is up
    Then what the Hell is down

    Keep Quiet.....

    You and you, know the truth
    Cowards won't say nothing
    Y'all enable abuse
    Can you please say something....

    Well, of course not
    It's not happening to either of you
    I touched sore spots,
    It's like blackening eyes until they're blue...

    SHUT UP......

    You won't even stand up
    Grow up, you won't even man up

    You're absent during the fights
    You're abstract, I'm shedding light


    It's too many hypocrites
    Throwing hissy fits
    I guess they're into it
    Allowing hate permits

    I will not submit
    I can not commit
    Their words contradicts
    What freedoms exists.....

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    Bad call.
    Once the Silent Majority
    said it all,
    now it's down to the Fates.
    Between two armies
    neutrality waits
    for the losers
    to fall.


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      See my soul I never sold
      Lies they told, I never told
      Check my scrolls, filled with trolls
      Watch my foes, lose control

      Time to eat, their dish is cold
      Wash their hands, I'll watch them fold
      Think it's sweet, well grab a hold
      Bye Felicia, hit the road


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        Nice rhythm and beat to this. I think you gathered momentum with this, and it has a distinct feel to it. Kudos.. thanks for sharing


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          Thank you amenOra