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  • Andromeda's Love

    Cassiopeia pushed
    a bony finger toward her daughter -
    "The most beautiful" she says.

    Chained on such a throne she drifts
    Lit by surrounding stars
    Princess Andromeda unkissed.

    The oceans lap against the sky,
    And the sea monster makes his way
    Toward her helpless beauty


    And Perseus comes, dreamy:
    He can contain her love,
    He can slay the monster.

    Such love, bringing all so close.
    Close as a mortal wound.
    Close as the night stars.

    So the two are then wed,
    Consented to by her parents,
    And the ugly monster killed.


    They kiss through tears, and she
    Is unchained again.
    "The most beautiful" he says.
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    Returning, a hero he,
    and distressed damsel she,
    rock chained for Cetus's company,
    by Hades Helm's conferred invisibility
    benefit in the monster's fate
    and married then celebrate
    by Gorgonising Phineus
    her erstwhile date.


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      Hey Johntee, I see you're a little more familiar with this/these myths. I tried my hand. It came out alright I thought. Pondering your reply, and thank you!



      • Johntee
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        Editing a comment
        A quick "Google" gave me the story line. I only knew of Perseus's tale from Medusa's fate and I thought the invisibility helmet allowed him to steal the one eye that passed between the two other Gorgon sisters forcing the revelation of Medusa's whereabouts (as I remember it from childhood reading.)

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      I'm not so familiar with the stories (yet) and still found it enchanting! Thank you.