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  • -What is This?

    This is life ...
    The pulp
    of an orange juice poem.
    Charades in the stars
    Can't bury the light
    Deep enough--
    The dreams are lighter
    Than lies --
    So we sink together
    To find

    This is life where
    You can't walk
    Into the dark room without
    Stepping into screams
    From the pre-verbal hell
    You could never escape.

    This is recurring. Again,
    My theme,
    Spiritual anemia--
    The Greek pantheon
    Make the best masks
    So that
    Invisible Gods know you
    But it doesn't help
    Unless you know them.

    The darkness is visible
    We turn the corner
    To find so much light
    And so much hope
    Have spoiled us
    Even before the excuses.
    We learned
    Nothing. We're stuck in
    Darkness. It's visible.

    We would rather
    Scapegoat our children
    Than own our mistakes.
    We would rather
    Repeat the consequence
    Repeat the questions
    "Why why why God"

    Our mood is hateful
    We need release
    But within the characters
    No one is strong
    Enough to break
    Free from each other.
    I see a hungry lion,
    I see fearful families

    That the fear comes true
    We can't pay you enough
    To leave us alone
    Nor can we
    Adequately love--
    We find the spokesperson.
    We find the hell of love.
    We find excuses
    Which get us to sleep.

    Negativity is still a dream.
    This is Life, bolstered by
    The pins on a knife--
    The handle of bone.
    This is life I love--
    The dark pit I feed upon.
    This is Reason's animal.
    This is my answer
    To myself:

    This is life, the altar,
    And here we sit
    Railing modes against it--
    While sunburnt horses
    Sway in the madness
    On fire with the sun
    Broken beneath the feet
    Where shadows stretch

    And they have no excuse
    For that

  • #2
    Incredible. Will need to be savored with multiple reads.

    This section sticks out to me on first read:

    it doesn't help
    Unless you know them.

    To know - and be known - among the greatest of gifts of existence.


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks, it goes into relating and empathy/sympathy, and connecting ... in a "word".

      Thanks for your comments, this one was a breath of fresh air even if it's rough around the edges. Take care, blessings