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  • Goodbye

    I don't know what bound me to you
    As side by side, we walked.
    All I know is that I heard you
    As in silence, you talked.
    And though I saw little of you
    My eyes could read you plain.
    But as I drew away from you
    Did your heart feel my pain
    As I whispered goodbye to you?
    And did you hear me say
    That though you're gone, the thought of you
    With me will always stay?

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    complex in the simplicity.... difficult to write like this.... just so. LOVE it Raoul D'Harmental


    • Raoul D'Harmental
      Raoul D'Harmental commented
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      Thanks Suz-zen. This was written a while back after saying goodbye to someone I probably won't see again and it was as difficult to re-read it as it was to write then! Have a pleasant day. R

    • Suz-zen
      Suz-zen commented
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      I could feel the depth of the pain... as always, great writing and connection to the emotion!

    • Suz-zen
      Suz-zen commented
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      PS- also LOVE the art!!!!