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Not Like The Others

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  • Not Like The Others

    In this space
    In this place
    Am I to be looked at
    The other way?
    So if that's the case
    View me as a waste
    I never needed to be here

    In this room
    To all of you
    Am I to be judged for
    Not being like you?
    Well, it doesn't bother me
    Whether you hate or ignore me
    As I slowly crumble to this
    Give me release

    It's grown apparent
    That I am not
    Like every living soul here
    But it doesn't matter
    I'm fine this way
    As long as I'm further away from here

    To be understood
    From all of you
    Is like taking blood from the stone
    These heavy blues
    Cold, and withdrawn
    All the faith is gone
    This fake enjoyment that you all go on with
    It won't keep your empty hearts
    Alive for long

    One look to me
    You hurt me
    One smile to me
    You cut me
    One emotion
    Between us
    I only bleed
    With no one but the devil
    Until I can no longer see

    Just leave me
    Leave me be
    Leave me alone

    Not like the others
    But I won't suffer
    As long as I have my own companion
    Who is like a silent saviour
    Like a brother
    In need

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    A lonely place, beautifully expressed. It is the reality of each of us at one point or another - if we are silent long enough to hear. I prefer companionship (most of the time), but these moment alone and aware do allow us to find our strength. Keep loving yourself - and keep writing beautiful works like this.