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  • Irrational Irradiation

    Irrational Irradiation ( c ) Glen Mitton 2018

    When Madame Curie dropped dead from radiation poisoning ( died : July 4, 1934 )
    That was a tell tale sign it's stuff to be avoiding
    Even Wilhelm Röntgen didn't know exactly what to say
    That's why he named his curious discovery the " X-ray " ( 1895 )
    " Nothing will come from splitting the atom " ( a quote from Nikola Tesla )
    The negatives out weigh the positives with all the datum

    After WW II maintaining the nuclear narrative increased
    With President Eisenhower's " Atoms for Peace " ( 1953 speech to the U.N. )
    This was hailed around the world for a while
    But nobody wanted to give in to peace with their nuclear stock piles
    A need to dispose of the waste gave those the ability
    Allowing it to be spread all over to " research facilities " ( over 200 + in the U.S. )

    Now in Idaho they discovered some plutonium missing !!!
    " I hope we don't end up like " potato heads " in a microwave hissing
    They are still floating with the concept of " Food Irradiation " , it's true
    Look for the " Irradiated symbol label " in a grocery store near you ( called the Radura )
    Of course they pick on the smallest of food groups , the " herbs and spices "
    Rendering Mother Earth's remedies sterile with their evil devices

    They say all the astronauts ate irradiated food in space
    Are we in some sort of weird science fiction culinary race ?
    These idiots will think it's okay if your chicken has a tan ,
    before it hits the frying pan !!!
    Listen , I get all the radiation I need from the sun to survive
    All this irrational irradiation just gives me the hives

    The " peaceful atom " only exits if you leave it alone

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    Background radiation shows
    the slow decay of those
    "known to nature" isotopes
    skiing down time's lengthy slopes,
    U238 and U235 keeping Uranium's frisson live
    eons into Lead's plumbing dive.