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    let's swim to the sea
    eaten up by waves
    each sunburnt day
    fancy feeling free
    wonder you and me
    caught as to afford
    sectioned into three
    made to tithe in pith
    how eloquently
    let's swim in this sea
    beating gainst the shores

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    I have been out of sorts lately, see! Anyone else feeling weird in creative pursuits lately?


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      Loved everything about the line "fancy feeling free." Just rolls off the tongue this one, perfect. I reckon we all deserve such freedom once in a while, and the ocean is a wondrous way to feel as such. Wonderful write, amenOra!!


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        Indeed, I feel most often "out of sorts" poetically.
        I have read this many times and each time I get a different feeling.
        The strongest feeling I get is a plea that others join us in this turbulent sea until we reach our shore.
        My favorite line- "made to tithe in pith". We must give up a portion of our creativity to the universe, that others may absorb it

        thanks for this most inspiring verse


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          Thanks for sharing, I am glad it was not too "disjointed", sometimes I get going so quick, I think I've written something and when I come back to it I'm not sure what it means. At this stage I'd more prefer my own writing to be definite, all while knowing how much ambiguity has been a "thing" with me in the past. Now it's time to be clear -- and I think this is a good start. Definitely creativity has been on my mind -- thinking I've lost whatever the "spark" is Peace


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            Creativity rescues itself when you least expect it! Ive seen enough light from you not to worry one bit about sparks.


            • amenOra
              amenOra commented
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              That's my lesson, too, is to not hold onto those laurels I thought I had because it was prolly nothing like I thought anyway so I'm open to the motions which will send me where I'm needed, thanks Lunar_glide.

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            Reading the comments feed
            Rhymetime's take on "made to tithe in pith"
            is an illumination of a path I never would have thought to take.


            • amenOra
              amenOra commented
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              It sure makes sense to me! Almost like Use it or lose it, with a flavor of "I enjoy the tingeing process". Or something Greetings~