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the dreams of the dandelions of Spring

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  • the dreams of the dandelions of Spring

    Can you see the dreams of the dandelions mixed with the wishes of children in the balmy air of Spring ?
    They dance in the hours after twilight as a
    quick footed lizard growing back his tail makes a mad dash
    from the ice plant to the bottlebrush

    cigarette butts line his way along a dirty sidewalk
    safe passage from the downtrodden
    tobacco addicts having watched the grass slowly grow

    smoking and remembering their shattered dreams
    when once upon a time they plucked a dandelion from the grass in the balmy air of Spring
    wishing for anything
    but this extreme

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    Puff the dandelion for hours
    butter up the buttercup
    chain the daisiest of flowers
    that childhood's days
    might never stop.


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      It is always so great to hear from you.
      Once you took issue with me over my use of "bums" as a descriptor.
      Here I might take issue as I infer that all smokers are also litterers and perhaps there is no other trash about.

      I do love this poem. It reads beautifully


      • Suz-zen
        Suz-zen commented
        Editing a comment
        Thank you for the comment- I did not mean that at all. My best friend is a very responsible smoker and never litters, nor did my brother... i take no issue with smokers.In this particular poem inspiration came from a place that I walk past daily.... a group of folks that I have become quite friendly and chatty with and they smoke and toss their butts on the walk. I let them know that soon the property could be designated 'non-smoking' and that if they hoped to still have a place to smoke maybe they ought to place a few old coffee tins out to be used to dispose of the butts to help sway the vote. One woman put big pink plastic containers with sand in the bottom out. It was great for about a week or so. Sadly a woman with a severe mental illness overturned them and the other woman was crestfallen. The property was voted non-smoking and there is a fine of $100.

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      Great job Suzzen.