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Singing Along in the Car

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  • Singing Along in the Car

    Driving to work today a song came on
    Bluetooth from my phone.
    The song brought memories flooding back
    And made me feel alone.

    The song, Puff the Magic Dragon
    Brought memories flooding in.
    Singing the song as I rocked my children
    Although many years it’s surely been

    They did not mind as babies
    I could not sing that well at all.
    The rocking and singing softly
    Did hold them thus in thrall.

    Now don’t get me wrong about the time
    I would not want to relive the days bygone.
    But I would not have missed it for the world
    Now I just smile and sing along.

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    Thank you so much for the lovely reminder. I always loved this song. I was told by many an adult that the song was evil and about drugs. If they had not mentioned it I would never have thought it. To me, it was always about growing up and growing out. Grown-ups can such a bore.


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      It's awesome :3
      Thanks for sharing!