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  • Schismus

    A wedding ring in every word
    You look with eyes unseen
    A diligence without the start
    Unhinging reason's subtlety
    Have to music listen in again
    With the sudden split fidelity
    I am dead and gone the surge
    A lost within the constant urge
    Place to place I dance across
    Awinding through the dirge
    Sentimentality unbecoming
    Move me next to tropical surf
    Lead to it in sudden blast
    Jets of fire from the mouths
    Open up and there they cast
    Death and pallor underneath
    Salty sky and dark red moon
    Lust and love-torn avarice

  • #2
    Each of your lines could take a verse
    but your title (which I thought would be rooted
    in the splits of schism) surprised me by actually
    refering to varieties of grass.

    Grasses that whisper wind
    to say where they have been;
    foreigners with seeded tongue
    that travel abroad again
    under the caldera'ed volcano
    to root in the tropic sun.


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
      Editing a comment
      The subconscious is funny like that, I am not sure where I've read that word but it comes from somewhere.

      Xoxo thanks for coming~