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Down to the Sea

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  • Down to the Sea

    I went down to the sea on Saturday
    Where the ocean meets the shore.
    My ocean is the Bay of Fundy
    And will be forevermore.

    No gentle ocean tides for me
    Fundy’s tides can reach forty feet.
    Stark landscape changes every six hours
    With the tide’s relentless sweep

    And Sandy beaches there are some
    At low tide vast swaths of sand
    But they are ephemeral with the tide
    Against which nothing can withstand.

    Yet for all its tide and its cold waters
    This is the ocean I call my own
    I can go away from time to time
    But Fundy calls me home.

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    It turns up from time to time
    in programmes that talk of the tide
    and show the Bay of Fundy
    with the sea's flow in full stride,
    from water water everywhere
    to rocks from side to side
    and so the sand wears away
    and centuries elide
    and no human eye left to see
    when Pangea again collides.


    • Peter.Dee
      Peter.Dee commented
      Editing a comment
      That is my sea
      and always will be
      all other oceans seem calm and genteel.
      Fundy's waters dark and cold
      It's storms awe inspiring to behold
      Naught can bring the Bay of Fundy to heel.