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  • Dawn and Nell and Art

    We are Unique in many Ways,
    in Our own Internal Maze.
    In a Car or On a Bus,
    left Behind is Some of Us.

    Enemies or maybe Friends,
    Which is Which it all Depends,
    Who we Meet along our Trek,
    Peaceful Sail to Big Train Wreck.

    Some will Come and Some will Go,
    Names for Those you get to Know.
    Heed the Trace when you Depart,
    namely - Dawn and Nell and Art.
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    I see that those names spell out "DNA" but I am unsure of the "hook" of the poem. Heed these names? Perhaps they're relatives? I did like the color! I see now your topic tags. Not sure the significance of the names specifically however.


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      I use to watch CSI occasionally when it used to be on TV. Seems DNA got the bad guy more times than not it seemed. It caught some 72 year old murderer recently - after many years - because of an old DNA sample of his that matched one of his relatives who sent theirs in to a genetic website like
      "23 and Me." It seems that all similar websites send "all" results into a central data base. Once you are in it then - I guess - it is available to law inforcement. Don't know who else might have access?


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        I truly enjoyed the rhyme in this poem, made it a very capturing read. Thanks, BobGrant!


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          Thank you!