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  • TenSixteen

    Open it up, the dystopian opium-den,

    Ten-sixteen don't mean a fucking thing to the holy men

    So I'll say it again:

    You're all just sheep from the same fucking pen,

    But there ain't no room for diversity,

    Certainly not in the God-squad global insurgency,

    Moral uncertainty

    Nurturing states of emergency,

    Society bleeding out, needing surgery,

    Caught in the first degree murder-spree,

    Shit! That's why I medicate herbally,


    It helps me scrape off the motherfucking verdigris,

    Invertebrate sheep, you keep the fucking creeds in stasis,

    Your 'isms' and 'ists', your separatist nepotist graces,

    The way that you raise us

    And fucking appraise us

    Provides us the basis for prejudiced races

    And pays us the due respect we expect from the haters,

    Berate us, you fuckers we still won't give praises,

    (now, places please, we're about to begin)

    Cry sin,

    Dive in with the Christ-thing,

    Call a man a 'kaffir' 'cos he fears no lightning,

    Sees no need for the greed and the fighting,

    Doesn't pick sides with the brown-and-the-white t'ing

    And stands there indicting

    What good-books claim is the 'right thing',

    Those frightening lies, (I mean lines) of compliance,

    The chains of the holy alliance

    Like leg-irons,

    Buying your silence

    And forcing reliance

    On the science of fucking control,

    That's why I roll,

    Acapulco Gold is good for the soul,

    Primes the mind for the dive in the rabbit hole,

    Wonderland on-remand but I made parole,

    (old smokin' caterpillar fillin' my pipe-bowl)

    Sold the trip from the manuscripts,

    Pitch your scripture,

    Commit to benefit

    But only the only the bit

    That your literature permits,

    (the rest can eat shit)

    As you cry from the snake-pit,

    Spurning the world and you learn to forsake it,

    Your saviour won't save ya' but fucking enslave ya'

    And rape ya' but man, you'll just take it,

    (Salaam alai-cum)

    Undone by the crimes

    Of divinity's paradigms,

    (I'm pleased, at least that they see me as the Beast)

    The Gadarene swine,

    The vilified Philistine,

    The Wormwood star-shine,

    The motherfucking sign of the cross with inverted lines,

    Ad-Dhajal singing Last Times,

    The Rapture captured in fast rhymes

    So let me correct you all,

    Infect the intellectual,

    Inject the metrosexual,

    Fucking disconnect you all

    And set you all free from the spiritual mirror-ball,

    Deliver y'all unto reason, direct you all

    Straight to the ancient statement of Saint Paul,

    Say three-twenty-eight,

    Equality's mandate,

    Reminders to be kind and don't differentiate,

    Offset pride with a sanctified counterweight

    And segregate nothing but the notion of your prejudiced hate,

    So call to the fallen angels,

    The strange, all the pained

    And deranged, all the fucking insane

    And contagious,

    All the fucking outrageous,

    The ones without wages,

    The armchair sages

    The sick-pay crusaders,

    Stand up to the system that made us,

    Labeled and fucking betrayed us,

    That grades us on status,

    That rates us according to archaic pages,

    Bastardised lies from the Babylon ages,

    Take Paul, take John

    (bringing Ringo and George along),

    The world can argue about where it all went wrong,

    I'll hum bars from a Cypress song,

    Fetch my four-footer, take hits from the bong.

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    I can jive with your rhymes you write, I liked those, and thought you have interesting things to say. Of which I don't necessarily stand behind, neither for nor against. Sure is cathartic, and I would wonder what else ya got in your arsenal! Peace, and welcome ~