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Frozen Light (Revised and Reposted for AmenOra)

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  • Frozen Light (Revised and Reposted for AmenOra)

    All matter is frozen light. – David Bohm

    We are mostly nothing
    No thing
    A pale simulacrum

    Dancing in the pavilion
    Of emptiness

    The flesh is a rudimentary contrivance
    To keep us apart

    I want to put my mouth
    On yours

    Not in spacetime in its own
    Ethereal atmosphere

    Listening to Dvorak
    The wind through the trees
    Changes me drastically

    All fall down
    And are blessed the same
    The kisses
    And the rain

    Above the fray the whorl
    Of galaxies or
    Electron photon dance

    Drifting down
    Somewhere the subatomic particles
    Amuse themselves chimerical

    How did the first cells
    Clumping together
    In wonder
    Know each other as kith and kin

    Thatching their hovels
    Against the incursion
    Of sulphur and methane

    We observers
    Who should not be here
    Breathe in
    The atmosphere of wayward stars

    As when our ancestors in the nascent earth
    Rose up
    To try the air

    What a lovely shawl they found
    And firm ground to navigate its terrain
    Establish a beachhead
    So that we might someday appear

    The dinosaurs did not see its coming
    For our future kind
    Hiding in the lush thicket the undergrowth

    The road leads nowhere
    But to sublime

    Each other
    We become through touch
    And time
    Death is a phase transition

    We are all called home
    From the Schwarzschild radius
    To that collapsing point

    That original glint
    Where we are all melded
    Born again

    Time does not exist
    Nothing else
    But that infinite regress
    Into the frozen light

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    I have not enjoyed a poem as much as this, I think, in a long long time, Tanner. I love the references to the subatomic particles and the intermolecular forces of nature. As a student currently working on my bachelors in chemical engineering, I can truly relate to this. This is a brilliantly deep poem, Tanner. Loved it!


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      Darthvader, You are the first person who has ever commented on this poem (in any venue)! As you well know, this deals with many many topics, and I am glad that you appreciate the references to the subatomic particles et al. I come from a humanities background and do not well understand many scientific concepts. I do think, however, that we dwell in a very mysterious realm and that what appears to be the "true reality" of everyday life is an illusion of sorts; just what we are able to take in and process. Again, MANY THANKS for your comments. You have energized my Spirit to continue the journey!


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        I am excited to see schwarzschild radius, electrons, photons, dinasours, and desire in this hologram of words!


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          lunar glide, sometimes Tanner surprises himself. thanks for your astute observations. I think the Poet begins by reflecting upon the disturbing fact that (1) we are each "oscillating spheres" that cannot possibly know the Other, and then he begins (2) considering a romantic attachment in a late night rumination. as well as the (3) evolution of life on earth, and ending with the notion of (4) eternal recurrence (which is obviously a conjecture) based on the idea that the known universe will eventually stop expanding and then collapse upon itself, to only begin again in an endless iteration.

          LG, I do love the 265+ million years of the dinosaur reign on Earth. They must have been doing something right to have lasted that long!
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