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    Spew my venom of the world,
    Kept in silent pain --
    Relationship to Hell unfurl,
    Distance my eyes from my soul.

    Partly dead I take revenge
    Broken in pieces of light;
    Little do I know, that an end
    Forestalls my wandering soul.

    O blessed memory waken me,
    Mock the mockery til they're okay.
    O when you come remember me
    Who it was stood in your way.

    O Michael, angel, throw your light
    At shadows moving fast enough;
    Little did I know I am the Right
    And I am left with my own remains.

    A soul I've forgotten, turned blind,
    Wake another day, sleep inside;
    No sense to make with out sight
    I secretly dream you'll take it away.

    I would never tell, it's much too deep
    To be wedded with an unkind soul;
    O now that they're barraging me, I forget:
    Please forgive my parts invisible.

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    AmenOra, Very interesting write. I take it to be a sort of confessional prayer. We are all "broken pieces of light" - As David Bohm states, "All matter is frozen light". I have also included the beginning of my poem "Frozen Light"

    We are mostly nothing
    No thing
    A pale simulacrum

    Dancing in the pavilion
    Of emptiness


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
      Editing a comment
      Yes, I am not sure if it's so clear, I was writing nearly blind with anger and needing release.
      So it might not be internally consistent, but I wrote with the spirit I was in. And I have been needing absolution. It's wax on, wax off, every day, forever. Sometimes too much to think about for sure.
      I find comfort and strength in the archangels.

      I guess this poem is okay. It is what it is. Take care and be well, Tanner.

      PS David Bohm is great. I liked the idea of implicate and explicate order, much like the unconscious and conscious realms. I am not sure if they're totally "equal" or synonymous. I remember that "frozen light".

      The question that bring up is, Do we dare melt the light?

      Thanks for the poem, too.
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