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I Found a Key

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  • I Found a Key

    I found a key in my dresser drawer
    For what I do not know
    What lock it fits, what will it open
    What secrets would it show?

    Perhaps it’s a key to happiness
    Something to bring joy unto my heart.
    Or maybe a key to untold riches
    From which I’d be ever loath to part.

    But maybe it’s a key to memories
    Of things or times since past.
    A key to open a flood of memories
    Which I had previously amassed.

    Perhaps though it’s a key to nothing
    Just flotsam which should be tossed
    We cannot dwell too much on gone by things
    Some memories best be lost.

    I found a key in my dresser drawer
    I just returned it from where it came.
    I’ll not know what secrets it unlocks
    But I’ll always wonder just the same

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    Wow. You are a poet after my own heart.
    I cannot express how much I love this.
    I love it for its simplicity, honesty and message

    welcome and thanks for being here


    • Peter.Dee
      Peter.Dee commented
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      Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.