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  • Kevin

    This poem is about the randomness of addiction
    Kevin is my oldest son

    Oh, my Kevin,
    born innocent,
    beautiful and perfect.
    Love and sadness
    You deserved so much better
    than the hand you were dealt.
    Yet you played your cards
    and never blamed the dealer,
    though the dealer was culpable.

    Generations skipped
    between victims.
    The eternal wheel spinning,
    until the marble
    found you and the wheel stopped.

    I will never understand
    why you were chosen,
    in the gamble of life,
    to be a winner
    with the losing hand.

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    This highlights, rhymetime, something personal which I can palpably feel, as well as points out how it is an unfortunate truth, how "disease" travels thru the generations.

    Take care, blessings and love!


    • rhymetime
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      Thank you for you comment. Even though I wrote this with addiction in my mind I realized that it is applicable to any disease or malady, be it physical; psychological; or emotional that infects us. The eternal question- "why" and the answer- "because..."

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    I can personally relate to this. It expresses an impossible issue very well


    • rhymetime
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      Thank you. I am honored to know the verse is relatable, yet sorry you can so personally relate