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Holmbush Traffic Blues

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  • Holmbush Traffic Blues

    Key in the door

    Get in the car

    Ignition on

    Not going far

    Just up the road

    Around the bend

    Journey to work

    Traffic no end

    I join the procession

    of impatience

    How long will it take

    I love the suspense

    Cars have to halt

    Buses in a queue

    Barely moving

    What can we do

    Lights turn to red

    As you approach

    Cursing you are

    Behind slowcoach

    Beep the horn and show

    All your frustration

    Road rage at the lack

    Of indication

    The roundabout

    A complete jam

    No sweetness though

    Swear curse and damn

    It takes longer

    On everyday

    Low on petrol

    The fuel display

    Bumper to bumper

    In morning parade

    Left home so early

    Still traffic delayed

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    I suppose good came out of it, anyway, and that's the right time to take stock, and remember what matters. Rather than worry or be bothered. I liked this, the feel, the pace. Not too terribly deep, either!


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
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      How ever if you et written up for being late that's a lil more difficult to "appreciate" the traffic, but perhaps more reason to. Who knows. Thanks for sharing.

    • Parkinsonspoet
      Parkinsonspoet commented
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      Thank you, I can do little about the traffic so thought I might as well have a poem out of it

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    The traffic needs to move and so does the queue. Your at the top of the queue and ahead of the pack Jon. Bottom’s Up! Love it!!!!