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  • Condemned

    The arrival

    An apparition of irony

    Cowled in black

    The hubris of his nobility

    A warning

    Eyes watches as body slouches

    On a horse that ambles

    Villagers stare in silence

    Fear ripples through them

    Drifting downwards he dismounts

    Outside the chapel

    Meets their gaze fore entry

    To pray for their souls

    Market Day

    Rising abreasts dawns welcome

    To a new day

    Stalking the street in his

    God fearing trousers

    Piety cloak covers

    Brutality armour

    Avoided as none wish

    Journey of his judgement

    Word of the Witchfinder

    Whispered to all

    His accusing eye

    Examines all their wares

    His thoughts of the flames

    That purify the souls

    Cavort and clamour

    Calling for redemption

    Awash with tension

    Knowing fingers will point

    To focus his ire

    On sins of another

    The Accusation

    He demands silence

    As she stands before him

    Stain on her salvation

    Signals her sin

    Widow whose farm prospers

    As neighbours decay

    Confess he purrs Confess he pleads

    Confess what?

    Her voice risen in challenge

    Accosts reason

    Logic is lost

    In damned determination

    You danced under the dark moon

    Drinking pig blood

    A sacrifice to satan

    Seeking favour

    His hand like a gavel

    Pounds on the table

    As he pronounces her fate

    To burn at the stake

    The Execution

    High stakes rise above the pyre

    Casts long shadow

    Demand by decrees

    Village gather to watch

    Eyes stray upwards his gaze fixed

    Nods his assent

    Flames rise at sundown

    Shadows writhe in torment

    His passion aroused as

    Fed flaming fury

    A chant emerges

    Mesmeric Menacing

    Flees to panics realm

    His peril in their voices

    His escape falters

    Smoke in lungs, heat blisters

    Bound to the stake

    Encircled by coven

    Scalded by their pity

    His fate sealed by his ire

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    Wow, I found this suspenseful and mesmerizing. Is this a new venue of exploration? Lovely write.


    • Parkinsonspoet
      Parkinsonspoet commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you I am truly grateful for your comments. I have always liked story telling and whilst this has done that I will come back to this again as it isn't quite as "arcane" as I intended