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  • amenOra
    commented on 's reply
    PS, a few days later your title drew me in once again. Gave me poetic eye-deas. I love your voice, I love the wit, the candor, the feel. You are in control of your words, that makes for good poetry if the personality behind decides to shine thru. Much ups for this one, again, and I haven't read a bad poem by you.

    And as mirror or furtherment to your quote, this one "Death is the road to Awe." Made me feel ~good~

  • amenOra
    Only "crit" i would say is you used proof twice, not sure if it would make sense. But I liked the narration, the beginning "stage set" type atmosphere. For sure for me it is almost glaring referring to this place in my writing, haha, which is funny but for me expected. Or something. I relate to much in this, and can enjoy how you temper your mode of expression. Creative writing, love, know.

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  • Sister Greed
    started a topic AND SORROW’S FORGOTTEN DREAMS (For Tanner)


    I was a member of the “Be all you can be.” Foundation.

    Self-Improvement books.

    Time management.

    The American mantra.

    “Follow your dreams.”

    Red, white and blue with a bow on it.

    I went big.

    I went homeless.

    I went insane.

    Ten years later,

    Huddled under my sage green comforter

    Waiting for the perfect moment

    To haul 350 pounds of regret out of bed

    Thanking my blanket as I do so

    I pray there’s still coffee in the cabinet

    Because who knows who was in charge last night

    One of me having a poetry party, no doubt.

    I’ll have to check RhymeZone and see what

    Personal information we disclosed

    To the poetry community.

    Coffee is a Go!

    So I don’t face another day of staring bleakly

    At the vanilla shell that is my apartment

    And the plastic wood-simulated floor

    Counting the household tasks at hand

    Hating the work

    But loving something to do

    I am disabled.

    Now I’m happy to wake in the morning

    And see that sun rise,

    (Unhindered by metal bars and bulletproof glass)

    Get caffeinated,

    Praise another day of a semi-sound mind.

    And leave all of the voices

    Who said I’d do ‘big things’


    “Our dreams are the forgotten path to Heaven,”

    Said Harold Klemp,

    And I am my forgotten dream.

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