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  • Bipolar


    The cup of life,

    drunk to the dregs then filled again

    overflowing day to night

    manic thought in pursuit

    a spirit rapt in febrile flight.

    In that fractal instant

    of shredded thought

    the balance tilts,

    delight to regret

    for quintessence spent.

    The bitter lees

    alone are left

    bleak depression

    brings to earth

    life's penumbral tone

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    For some reason I felt like some Summing, ultimate line of explanation, wrapping things up, floated after your "end". I felt it that way anyway, interesting. Anyway I enjoyed your piquant language, and the underlying meaning. Cool, cool.


    • Johntee
      Johntee commented
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      These 5 line stanzas were the outcome
      of MHenry's challenge to you on Kyoka's.
      A summing up of what used to be called Manic Depression
      is the depression may last years, the manic phase seems
      like a steadily increasing fire which arrives at a crisis of hospitalization
      and, these days, medication.

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    Hello Johntee, My late brother suffered from this. Your poem gives me a greater understanding, to live four seasons in a day, as it were, would wear down the heart and mind of any sufferer in to the bitter lees of life. A sincere thanks for this one. Outstanding. Fond regards, Tony.


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      Nicely done. I felt more understanding after reading your poem.


      • Johntee
        Johntee commented
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        Thanks Alex. This came out of the comment trail on To a Poet Be by Tony Grannell
        He was using imagination to suggest a limited mental state which made me wonder
        if I could do the same in respect of Bipolar Disorder. The response suggests some

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      Johntee, what an amazing way to describe bipolar. I have the disorder and felt some sense of compassion and understanding after reading your poem. I loved the ending as I felt it a great visual to the ‘imperfect’ balance or eclipse of the soul. Your writing, though, to succinctly paint this in 3 simple stanzas, makes it relatable to any reader, and I really enjoyed that.


      • Johntee
        Johntee commented
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        I've heard artistic sufferers express
        some satisfaction that the manic phase
        can be intensely creative and the fear
        that medication could rob them of this joy.
        Nobody wants to hold on to the depressed state.
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      Thanks Tony I was trying to emulate
      your work, as I said to Alex, mixed with what
      I was playing of the cards from Mr. MHenry's deck