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  • Written as a Question to MHenry

    FAO MHenry
    Having read your reference prompt to "What is a Tanka" it seems to require 5 lines of not more than 31 syllables in the pattern 5,7,5,7,7 but rhymes are not a requirement. Your comment on AmenOra's piece rhymed lines 2 and 5. Here are three pieces with slack rhymes on 2 &and 5. As usual they are not personal experiences. How do they fare?

    Places and Times

    Beat poet jazz rhymes
    from bent cornets be-bop sounds
    Kind of Blue Note tones
    "Howl" talks away Ginsburg's loss,
    Mantras tunnel wounded minds.

    Being Beastly

    Bitten by some germ,
    rage at the moon. Wear wolfsbane
    then when claws sharpen
    and sprouting hair grows to fur
    run, rejoice what you've become.

    A Verse in the Garden of Time

    From fevered heart's blood
    pen'd memories of desire
    phrase by phrase recall'd.
    We are nature's diarists,
    loose leaves burnt in Winter's fire.
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