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  • People pleaser

    Attention whore

    Praise junkie

    People pleaser

    Adoration addict

    Kudos hound

    Flattery freak

    Ovation fiend

    Big hand buff

    Bravo queen

    Applause nut

    Approval seeker


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    Well this didn't go anywhere, really Until I finally saw the word "Poet" at the end. That worked out well, actually. Nice pivot, fellow poet. lol


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      How many ways
      to advertise
      what is sought
      in others eyes.


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        I hope I can express my thoughts without being offensive.
        I am afflicted with the need to please people. It is a curse. This affliction often requires me to sacrifice my own needs. Not that I might be applauded. Not that I might be lauded. Rather that I might be accepted.
        I also happen to write poetry. Yes, I hope that what I write is pleasing or understandable to the reader. Yes, I want to be accepted in this community. However, I write for me with the hope that what I say might communicate with another.
        To suggest that all poets are attention mongers seems to me to be social profiling, stereotyping.
        Because I happen to love your verse and presentation I do not want to offend you. If I have done so please forgive me.


        • Sister Greed
          Sister Greed commented
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          No offense taken. This piece is about the agony of posting and waiting to find out the responses of your peers. It’s sheer torture for me so I decided to make a bit of a joke about myself. Hope I didn’t offend.

        • rhymetime
          rhymetime commented
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          You did not offend at all. I am pretty much unoffendable. I completely understand the posting and waiting. I now see the self deprecating humor.
          It is, as they say, all good

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        I noticed the "light" humor, when I noticed the final word "poet" -- I knew you weren't being too serious or brooding or pointin' fingers. You were expressing somethin' common to probably most all who come here. It's like wanting "likes" too. A hit of that dopamine.

        Anyway I guess I didn't have to write that, but I felt like reiterating ...