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  • Enough is Enough

    When will enough be enough? When...

    Shadows dancing on the wall

    finally go away

    I am not my own

    fearful little prey

    I am not the deal maker

    I diligently pay

    I don’t break the scale

    with a conscience I must weigh

    I’m not counting cigarettes

    in my Pyrex dish ashtray

    I haven’t putted my heart

    into the water-logged fray

    My every thought isn’t splashed

    in lights on Broadway

    I’m not buried by the worries

    I systematically belay

    My teeth don’t fall out

    from emotional decay

    You’re not Garp getting blown

    in our roundabout driveway

    Arguing about the one at the office

    isn’t our foreplay

    I’m not writing our lives

    into some shitty B screenplay

    You’re not evaluating me

    like a Family Fued survey

    Your sex life isn’t a tag team

    double play

    I realize that words can be

    the worst to purvey

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    This is adult stuff, for sure, and powerful. Clever phrasing on some of these and that rhyming of each stanza to set a cadence and beat - strong statements - all.


    • Sister Greed
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      Thank you RLW, your comments mean a lot.

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    Sister Twister Greed You Blister


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      2/3'rds I
      1/3'rd you
      but you just
      won't go away,
      a fear lodged
      in memory