Hello. I'm a Russian poet and it's my second poem in English. Would you be so kind to go through it and check if it's understandable and grammatically correct? Thank you in advance.

Teach me to switch my mind between labour and leisure,
And so engage in those affairs with equal pleasure,
To hold the view inward but keep looking around,
With eyes on open skies and feet upon the hard ground.

To turn the most untravelled way into a journey
For those who go along, each single step enjoying.
Force the unflinching pace and holding gentle breathing
And with the look that fair when feelings all are seething.

To see yourself from the outside and in the same time
See other people from inside to waken their prime,
And having vast of interests but one vocation,
Stay firm but thank a life for any alteration.

And when it's starts to rain teach me to wait for a rainbow,
The bigger walls to are faced, the clearer see the main goal.
Teach me to slacken up the step but never stop it,
To get the most out of all and take a small bit.

And cross a finish line to make of it a start line,
To meet each day as the last day not living part time.
To lose and win but for myself, not for the rest,
Teach me to learn, teach me to do the best.