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The Beauty Of The Dark

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  • The Beauty Of The Dark

    The beauty of the Dark

    On the green, in the dark, lying down leisurely,
    Closed eyes, thinking of something eagerly.
    The beauty of the night flashes above my oculus,
    ‘Cause of sudden loss of electricity, clueless.

    Make my head a 360-degree move,
    Mediocre sight, as well, has much improved.
    The thought commence to fade off,
    From my head too, greedy beauty started to doff.

    Stars twinkle up above me and smiles,
    Spread all over making a sea of miles.
    This ravishing scene made the heart more reddish,
    Nothing to worry about the world hellish.

    Heating up my eyes, right turned I,
    The moon waiting up too high.
    Was worth seeing it so unobstructed and vivid,
    Soon a froid zephyr made me frigid.

    As soon zephyr faded, stars and moon too faded,
    The real beauty again, in front, degraded.
    Desire ‘I’ to be forever in the same dream,
    “Where nature is with you and also self-esteem.”
    Last edited by Arunkumar Maurya; 04-14-2018, 04:04 AM.

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    Great observational piece Arunkumar Maurya . Good attention to detail. Welcome to the Rhymezone!


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      Very vivid and interesting writing.